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Sending Your Artwork to Us

By following these simple guidelines, the vast majority of potential problems will be avoided. This will also ensure that your job is finished quickly and to a high standard.

1. Full Details

Please include full details of your job and the file. 
(1) Filenames
(2) Number of copies
(3) Stock to be used
(4) Finish
(5) Proof — Additionally, it is always useful to have a proof of your document, even if it’s only in black-and-white.

2. Supplying Fonts

Whilst documents such as PDF don’t require font-files in their own right, files from applications such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw do require fonts to be supplied. We may have many fonts ourselves, but it is important for the quality of your job that you provide all the necessary fonts from your own computer.

3. Supplying Artwork

Similar to fonts, please supply digital files of all of your linked and embedded image files. We can handle such formats as TIF, JPG, EPS, etc. Images should be in CMYK format. However, if necessary, we can convert your files from RGB to CMYK format.

A resolution of at least 300 dpi is required for good definition in the printed version. (Typically, images on websites are 72 dpi, and not suitable for quality printing). Scans of images should be done at 300 dpi minimum, and 100% of image dimensions.

Artwork in PDF is the prefered format with at least 5mm bleed and trim marks included.

4. Supplying Files

You may supply your files on CD-ROM, DVD and USB storage devices. Alternatively you may also e-mail your files to us at, though we prefer the attachments to be no bigger than 10Mb. Again, don’t forget to include your images, fonts, and details.



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